• Full of our Nail, Common nail, concrete nail, roofing nail, Coil nail

    Full of our Nail, Common nail, concrete nail, roofing nail, Coil nail

    We are so proud of our steel nails and considering to develop other overseas markets. Dingzhou Best Hardware Co.,Ltd. We are a manufacturing and trading combo, produce and export buiding materials items for more than 10 years. Our products including: Nails, Binding wire, Wire mesh and so on. Any ideas, please contact us. We mainly products is Common nail, concrete nail, roofing nail, Coil nail. And the we will introduce our Nail.
  • galvanized square wire mesh

    galvanized square wire mesh

    Square wire mesh (also known as woven mesh, crimped mesh) can be divided into:
    electro-galvanized square mesh, hot-dip galvanized square mesh, stainless steel square mesh, corrugated (curled) square mesh, standard square mesh, and barbed wire.
  • 15 degree wire collated coil nails

    15 degree wire collated coil nails

    15 degree wire collated coil nails also called pallet nails, because they are widely used in pallet construction. It is also used for wooden crates and various floors. The nails are provided in the form of welding coils for efficient work on the production line.

  • fiberglass mesh for window screen

    fiberglass mesh for window screen

    Even though the warm weather is over, it’s never a bad time to install a screen on your windows and doors. In fact, some screens in particular are known to ensure that the heat doesn’t escape from your windows. If you' re looking for screens that are affordable, practical, strong and environmentally friendly. You should consider window fiberglass screen mesh.
  • 16×16 fiberglass window screen

    16×16 fiberglass window screen

    Fiberglass window netting can keep insects away from your home. The fiberglass screen provides good air flow and good outward visibility. At the same time, sun glare is minimized. The material is composed of glass fiber and PVC.

  • galvanized iron wire bwg 21

    galvanized iron wire bwg 21

    1.Material: High quality low carbon iron Q195: 2.Wire dia:0.5mm-4.0mm(BWG25-BWG8); 3.Surface treatment:electro galv.&hot dipped galv.; 4. Electro Galv. Wire–Zinc coating:10g-15g/m2; 5. Hot Dipped Galv. Wire–Zinc coating:40g-60g/m2; 6. Tensile Strength:35kgs/mm2-55kgs/mm2. Galvanized Iron Wire Specification: Standard wire gauge from 8BWG to 26BWG Wire Gauge SWG in mm BWG in mm In Metric System mm 8# 4.06 4.19 4.00 9# 3.66 3.76 - 10# 3.2...
  • Cement nail/concrete nail for many field

    Cement nail/concrete nail for many field

    People also used to call it masonry nails. These nails are the most popular fasteners for securing objects into masonry and other hard & brittle materials.
  • Stainless Steel Razor Wire

    Stainless Steel Razor Wire

    Razor barbed wire, also known as razor barbed wire, razor barbed wire, is a new type of protective net.
    The razor wire has excellent features such as:
    Beautiful appearance
    Economy and practicality,
    Good anti-blocking effect, and
    Convenient construction.
  • corrugated metal roofing nails

    corrugated metal roofing nails

    Corrugated metal nails are one of the indispensable nails in roof construction. The materials of metal corrugated nails are also different. It including galvanized, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Different materials can adapt to different environments.
    Galvanized metal corrugated custom is one of our main products. Its raw material is Q195, Q235 carbon steel, 304/316 stainless steel. Galvanized corrugated metal nails are electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized-and coated with a zinc layer. It can avoid rust.
  • color painted roofing nails

    color painted roofing nails

    Color painted roofing is a relatively common nail, a nail specially designed for roofs. This nail has a smooth and twisted handle and a colorful umbrella head. Which can be customized according to your needs.
  • barbed wire on fence

    barbed wire on fence

    Barbed wire is a kind of isolation protection product that is easy to install and low in price. It is made by winding a barbed iron wire on the main wire (strand) through a barbed wire machine through a variety of weaving processes.

  • galvanized corrugated steel sheets

    galvanized corrugated steel sheets

    Corrugated boards are manufactured through a cold forming process, in which they are pressed and then roll-formed to form the desired corrugated shape.
    The corrugated structure of steel provides one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any building material.
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